Hack Cambridge Recurse is now over. Thanks to everyone who attended for making this year's hackathon outstanding! We hope to see you next year.
Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

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28 – 29 January 2017, University of Cambridge

We're going in for n=2;

Cambridge's very own hackathon is back for its second year. For 24 hours, 300 wonderful students from around the world will come together to learn, build, tinker, and push technology to its limits.

Hack Cambridge has concluded for this year, but keep your eyes peeled for its return next year!

Computer technology is a key driver underpinning our modern economy and society. Hack Cambridge provides an excellent platform for teams of student coders to compete and master their digital abilities right at the heart of the Cambridge technology cluster.
Professor Nigel K. H. Slater. Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Enterprise and Regional Affairs


Interested in sponsoring Hack Cambridge? Send an email to [email protected].